Eco Lodge – Location

Located on the Caribbean coast of Venezuela’s oldest and most spectacular national park, makes the De La Costa Eco-Lodge the ultimate ‘off the beaten track’ combined beach and tropical jungle destination.

The De La Costa Eco-Lodge is positioned within an urban location in the quiet holiday town of Ocumare de la Costa. It is prominently situated on the main promenade, overlooking the Caribbean sea and a stone’s throw from the nearest beach.

With over 12 different beaches in the area and the tropical jungles and cloud forests just a short drive away, the De La Costa Eco-Lodge is the perfect destination from which to enjoy the best things to see and do in west side of the Henri Pittier National Park. The Lodge is located just 3 hours drive from Caracas International Airport. Our organized airport transfers amake the Eco-Lodge an ideal ‘home base’ for your arrival and departure from Venezuela.

The Henri Pittier National Park

The Henri Pittier national park was the first in Venezuela’s National Park system, it was created in 1937 and covers an area of 1078 square Kilometres of mountainous cloud forest.

The parks dense cloud forest covered mountains drop sharply from their point at 2436m to meet the Caribbean coast. This relatively small area has some of the highest natural bio-diversity on our planet. It is considered a birdwatchers paradise as 7% of all the world’s bird species can be found here.

All kinds of wildlife flourish here from the canopies of the 200 ft high Gigantera Caribensis trees of the cloud forest to the reefs and mangroves of the parks Caribbean coast. You can regularly spot howler monkeys and sloths en route to the De La costa Eco-Lodge over the mountain pass. We have even had ocelots and ant eaters visiting us at the lodge not to mention the daily visits of over 20 species of bird the come to dine at our bird table !!

The small communities that live within the park are very friendly. The colorful locals are mainly of afro Caribbean descent and they have a laid back & relaxed attitude.

In Spanish colonial times the area was dedicated to cacao ( chocolate ) and coffee production. These commodities were at the time worth their weight in gold, thus all colonial settlements were established inland to afford protection from English a Dutch pirates such as Captain Morgan ! Almost all Spanish colonial haciendas are now derelict but the production of cocoa and coffee still continues. The local cocoa strains are considered to be the most valued anywhere in the world and we invite you to discover through taste and smells where chocolate comes from.

From adventure seekers to nature lovers – the Henri Pittier National Park has something for everyone.

Getting Here

We know that arriving in any South American country, tired and not knowing the language, can be stressful. So, for hassle free arrivals we provide an airport transfer service for our foreign guests. Giving you the opportunity to get your holiday off to a relaxing start on the beach. Our driver, Mr Blas will collect you in the arrivals hall of the airport and take you on the 3 hour journey to the Lodge, stopping for refreshments or even a meal, en route.

One way executive car transfers to/from Caracas airport presently start from $110 one way for up to 3 people. Van transfers for groups are also available. To arrange your airport transfer when booking your stay please provide us with the airline details, flight number(s) and the dates and times of your flight(s).

Driving directions to the lodge ( Printable version )

From CCS take the Autopista Regional del Cento ( ARC ) west towards Valencia. (Or East towards Caracas if you come from Valencia ) As you reach Maracay take the 2nd exit to Maracay ( Tapa Tapa ) After exiting the tolls bear right on the 2nd exit ( It will be signposted ‘ OCUMARE – EL LIMON ‘ ).

At the 2nd set of lights turn left ( It will be signposted ‘ OCUMARE – EL LIMON ‘ ) continue north about a mile and the road will join another at the second set of lights where you will bear left following signs to OCUMARE – EL LIMON.

You will go down a dual carriage way for about 3 miles until you  reach a SUPER LIDER supermarket on you right entering EL LIMON after passing the supermarket, you will bear left following sigs to OCUMARE and continue straight towards the mountains until reaching a GN check point as you enter the HP national Park. From here you will drive up into the mountains through the cloud forest to a height of about 4000 feet through the Portachuelo pass and past the Rancho Grande Biological research station. Its worth stopping to see waterfalls and see/hear howler monkeys and the birdlife the park is so famed for! ) From the peak you will continue downhill for about 20 miles going straight through the settlements until you reach the colonial town of Ocumare de la Costa. ( here there will be a one way system but just follow the road towards el Playon or Playas).

When you get to the roundabout and gas station ( the only ones in town ) you will take the  third exit towards el playon.

( FYI The first turning goes to cata beach ( 4 miles )and Cuyayagua ( 12 miles ), the second to La Boca del Rio fishing village ( 1 mile ) ( la Boca and Cata beach worth a visit – on the way to Cata there is a looking-view point for the beach on the LHS about half a mile after you start going downhill!)

Drive in through town for about 1/2 a mile and the road will bear right at a junction with many liquor shops ( lots of these everywhere ! ) towards EL MALECON ( promenade ) when you encounter the MALECON turn left driving alongside it and you will find the Eco-Lodge at the end of the MALECON on the LHS. Here Ramon Jimenez, the Lodge manager, will receive you and make you feel at home.

Should you require it Ramon’s cell number is 0416 5432914