Eco-tourism pioneers in Venezuela, De La Costa Eco-Lodge has, for over 15 years, been providing a base from which travelers can discover and explore the wonders of the Venezuela’s natural environments.

Catering for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts De La Costa Eco-Lodge is Located on the Caribbean coast of Venezuela’s Henri Pittier National Park just 2.5 hours from Caracas International Airport.

De La Costa Eco-Lodge offers accommodation and travel services from two destinations on the Caribbean Coast of Venezuela Henri Pittier National Park.

De La Costa Eco-Lodge, Located in front of the promenade of the fishing village of Ocumare de la Costa and, the Coral Lagoon Lodge, located on the waterfront of the Bay of La Cienaga and accessible only by a boat.

From our two destinations you will be able to – all year round!! – relax on virgin Caribbean beaches, snorkel and scuba dive coral reefs and wrecks, explore the wildlife, rivers and waterfalls of the Henri Pittier’s primary cloud forest and discover the vibrant local culture, in Venezuela’s most accessible travel destination.

Our proximity to the international airport and our organized airport transfers make the Eco-Lodge an ideal ‘home base’ for your arrival and departure from Venezuela. Find us listed in the Rough Guide, Footprints Guide, Lonely Planet Guide and all the mayor Venezuela travel guides.

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